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Welcome to Chaos Theory,

This is a more than just a guild, you will be pushed to overcome obstacles, pushed as a player to constantly improve, and as a group of friends to more fluently work together to do everything. We are the tip of the spear for Shaiya Phoenix. The leadership of Chaos Theory is player driven, to strive to overcome any and all obstacles, through our dedication we will guide and learn from each other. During your initial acceptance you will be on a probation period of generally two(2) weeks, before being upgraded to a Rank 8 member, this is to insure loyalty and commitment to excellence. 

During your time here with us, you will grow as a team, as a unit, and as an individual. We will always take you to the next level, and always be mindful of your real and personal life. We take the gaming community to another experience, in sight of being the best, and continually improving in all aspects. This being said, we are not here to do anything for you. We don't like beggars or thieves. We take all members ideas and thoughts into careful consideration, and promote leadership through responsibliity in the guild. 

Everything you do and say, is always watched by people in-game, not neccessarily Officers or Guild Leader, but by all those around you. Keep what you say mindful of others boundaries. If at anytime you have a question and need to bring it to a more experienced player, please consult the rankings page under the News section. 

Our commitment and dedication to perform better is what we thrive on. With no progress, any organization will fail. It is not supported by any one individual, and everyone must pull their weight. This is not a place for slackers, play your game and play it well. Step up, when needed. Voice your opinion, and be proactive. Be mindful of your own needs, and courteous of others. Keep a professional mindset and self-sufficiency.

We hope you fit in, but if you can't play on our level there are many other guilds that may better suit you. 

Kill bodies and take names -


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